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The most experienced and professional Florida Insurance Appraiser in Florida. As your personal South Florida Insurance Appraiser, rest assured that I am an expert at getting homeowners, residential and commercial policyholders the most money on their claims. As your Florida Insurance Appraiser you will have the most experienced and well versed Insurance Appraisers in State of Florida when it comes to maximizing your insurance claim settlements.

The insurance company has their own apprasiers that represents their interests and protects their bottom line; a South Florida Insurance Appraiser only works for you and represent your interest.  When looking for the best Florida Insurance Appraiser you will want to make sure they have the experience necessary to win your appraisal.
With me as your Florida Insurance Appraiser you will have someone handling all the details of your appraisal, writing a detailed estimate of the damages and fighting to get you the most money possible
As a Florida Insurance Appraiser I specialize in fire damage appraisals, smoke losses, pipe breaks, flood damage, mold damage, tornado claims, hail damage, water damage claims, natural disasters such as tornado, hurricane, earthquakes and more. Call me, the best Florida Insurance Appraiser, don't just hire any Insurance Appraiser, hire the most reputable and most experienced Insurance Appraiser in Palm Beach County, Broward County and Miami Dade County and South West Florida, Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and more.




Bryan is an expert adjuster


Bryan E. Thomas is considered one of the top Insurance Appraisers in the State of Florida, having been involved in thousands of appraisals over the past decade. He has adjusted the most complex of commercial and condominium claims to smaller homeowners claims. When it comes to knowledge of the insurance claims enviroment Bryan’s abilty is unsurpassed.

attention to detail


Insurance claims require the utmost training and knowledge when it comes to getting the largest settlements. Knowing what the insurance policy allows for and what it does not is a destict advantage for you if you have the right Insurance Appraiser on your claim. Bryan has a track record for being very thorough and having a unique abilty to seeing things other adjusters do not

track record for success


Bryan is unlike any other Insurance Appraiser, he has the ability to team you up with professionals like Insurance Attorneys, Restoration Contractors, Plumbers, Loss Consultants, Public Adjusters, Estimators,  Structual Engineers and Real Estate Professionals. Because these established relationships have been developed it enables us to to much more profitable results for our clients.

one dedicated pro


You will have ONE dedicated Insurance Appraiser for your claim, not a patchwork of several members like some companies do. For example, some well known South Florida company uses one person to do the intake, a estimator to scope the damage and an insurance adjuster to negociate the settlement. That is NOT an effective stragety when adjusting a loss. Bryan does it all, and you benefit greatly from that as he knows the inside and out of all of his claims.


Call Bryan now to discuss handling your insurance appraisal - 800-616-4027

What Clients Are Saying About Us

  • My friend referred me to hire a National Adjusters, and I have to say I was a bit skeptical as I have been misled by others promising results and always coming up short. National Adjuster, has proven themselves to me and five of my personal friends and family, he has gone the distance and stayed persistent in achieving some amazing results when we felt completely frustrated dealing with all the insurance company delay tactics, attempts to low ball our insurance claim and poor claims handling practices. I have invited several of National Adjusters public adjusters to my family functions as I feel everyone should have someone like them close by when disasters happen.

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    • Evangela Polichronis
  • I have nothing but praise for National Adjusters! They came in with a crew of engineers, roofing consultants, and inspectors, did a ton of detailed paperwork and many supplemental reports, dealt with our insurance company adjusters, and within months National Adjusters came through with over $1 million dollars of additional insurance money. You kept us informed along the way, and you were there for us. Thank goodness for National Adjusters, Inc.

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    • Michelle Waller
  • I am a senior risk manager at a large manufacturing firm who recently used National Adjusters, Inc service to assist us with our insurance company. I just had to write and let you know how satisfied I am with the results your organization was able to achieve! The business interruption calculations allowed us to get additional coverage and payment that the insurance company adjuster denied, the machinery replacement costs were finally paid per your expert evaluations a 400% increase, not to mention the fact that your team was able to successfully reduce the amount of depreciation the insurance company was attempting to apply. I honestly thought I could handle this insurance claims process myself; BOY was I wrong and at the same time grateful for the assistance National Adjusters was able to provide. You truly made me look like a hero to my superiors. I am so glad that I took a chance on you!

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    • Corey Willis
  • I am an insurance agent myself and have been for over 30 years. My wife and I have owned many homes and several apartment complexes. We filed our first claim in eight years and after waiting for 3 months for an adjuster and another two months for an engineer they sent, my insurance company said my claim was under my $1,000 deductible. It was then that I got extremely upset and called National Adjusters. Within 30 days they inspected my home, had a roofing consultant, an industrial hygienist, a certified infrared technician and other professionals inspect the damage, and sent me a check from my insurance company for almost $35,000 after applying my $1,000 deductible. They were extremely polite, efficient, and obtained excellent results. I would recommend National Adjusters, Inc. to anyone with an insurance claim in these difficult times. I no longer work in the insurance industry because insurance companies have grown difficult to deal with and the customer service is no longer there. That is why anyone in Florida with an insurance loss needs a Public Adjusters to act on their behalf and eliminate the stress!

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    • Robert Shanahan