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Florida Public Adjuster For Water Damage Claims:

Bryan Thomas is rated the top Florida Public Adjuster for Water Damage Claims, Pipe Break Claims and Slab leak Claims.

Contact me, a Florida Public Adjuster right away if you have damage caused by water or flooding. I will get you the best settlement possible and what you deserve and not what the insurance company dictates.

  • I will negotiate the best possible water claim settlement with the company insurance adjuster.
  • I will prepare a detailed damage estimate of everything that needs to be replaced.
  • Statistically using a Florida Public Adjuster on a water claim results in settlements that are upwards of 747% greater because you used a Licensed Public Adjuster.
  • I will maximize your insurance settlement. Don't be taken by the insurance company when they say you are in good hands, you are not!
  • I are able to invoke the insurance appraise clause and represent you as an insurance appraiser should the claim need an appraiser.
  • I will relieve you of all the stress that comes along with an water damage or flood insurance claim.
  • One of the most common types of property damage in Florida is water damage. Florida Water damage can occur in residential and commercial properties. There are various types of water damage and each kind of damage has specific remedy. Depending upon the cause loss, the amount of water damage to area of the property the seriousness can be different. When dealing with a water loss such as a pipe leak, slab leak, overflow, AC leak, pipe break, dishwasher water leak, shower leaks, and or pan leaks.  I will look at the complete damage of the water and make sure the damage is documented properly to assure you the best settlement possible.

When you contact your Florida Public Adjuster Bryan, he can start working and fighting for your right to a proper equitable water damage insurance claim settlement right away.

When it comes to the insurance companies paying for water along with mold damage; they don’t want to! But we have insider knowledge of the industry and know that it takes water damage to cause mold damage! So don’t worry about your mold limits when you hire Bryan, he considers the first cause of loss to be water and not mold.

Your home is your most valuable possession and typically the largest investment. We will see to it that you restore your home back to the proper condition and minimize the haggling and stress your insurance company will impose on you when filing a water damage insurance claim. Contact Bryan  today 800-616-4027  to start the process of a proper equitable recovery to your water damage claim. You will want to receive the maximum settlement when you have a water damage insurance claim.

Bryan Thomas serves all of Florida. He has been adjusting Florida water damage insurance claims for over a decade.

Remember that Water can cause structural damage, too often other adjusters and insurance companies will rip you off due to your honest ignorance. A professional public adjuster like Bryan has seen many cases of water damage and our experience enables us to spot all possible damage both current and long-term and make sure your claim yields the max award amount. Put your insurance dollars to work by hiring the right public adjuster. Here’s some of the benefits of having Bryan represent you:

  • Bryan is an Expert
  • Bryan is very detail orientated and pays attention to detail
  • Water Damage Claims Are His Specialty

Do you have a water leak? Contact a Florida Leak Detection Expert


**I do not charge my clients for leak detection. There is NEVER a charge for leak detection done for my Public Adjuster clients, ZERO, ZILTCH! Not $25.. not $26 dollars!

florida leak detection

Florida Leak Detection maintains complete coverage with 24×7 leak detection service in south Florida cities and towns, including:

Palm Beach County   (561) 948-3478
Boca Raton
Boynton Beach
Delray Beach
Highland Beach
Lake Worth
North Palm Beach
Palm Beach
Palm Beach Gardens
Royal Palm Beach
West Palm Beach
Broward County  (954) 800-3457
Coconut Creek
Coral Springs
Dania Beach
Deerfield Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Hallandale Beach
Lighthouse Point
North Lauderdale
Pembroke Pines
Pompano Beach
Miami / Dade County  (305) 814-3231
Bal Harbour
Bay Harbor Island
Biscayne Park
Coral Gables
Key Biscayne
Miami Beach
North Miami Beach
Sunny Isles Beach



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What Clients Are Saying About Us

  • One of the best, if not the best public insurance adjuster in Florida. Saved me after a flood! He knows his job too well and knows how to create people that are in need for good advice and help. Thank you!

    Author image
    • Saso Trajkov
  • After suffering a fire loss the insurance company (after many visits from their inspection teams) made a lump sum settlement with me. Totally inadequate and my complaints did not move them. Then I decided to call in Bryan E. Thomas who responded promptly. He researched my claim and brought his own inspection teams and contacted my insurance company. They found that not only underpaid for my loss but that the Insurance Company didn't have the correct coverage that I had paid for whether deliberately or inadvertently. They pointed our differences to my company the errors they made and I received an additional fifty % over their original settlement. To say I was pleased is putting it mildly. Today my home is almost restored to its original condition, thank you Bryan!.

    Author image
    • Linda Sylver
  • Professional and honest. I had a toilet flood that caused me great damage. Then I conctacted my insurance company and they offered me so little when compared to my damage. One of my best friends recommended my Florida Public Adjuster. I talked with Bryan and I explained my situation. The communication was excellent and he took care for me from then on. He worked hard to claim what I belonged. At the end he managed to get much larger amount from my insurance company. What an amazing service!

    Author image
    • Tim Granger
  • You identified issues that my insurance company never mentioned, this resulted in my settlement being almost double the amount that my insurance company initially agreed to. You have been most compassionate and kind in helping me out with this disaster — the likes of which I have never experienced before. You identified damaged items that my insurance company never mentioned. You took control of the problem, so that I was not burdened with handling it by myself. You resolved the problem with my insurance claim in such a timely manner, and to my surprise, you negotiated with my homeowners insurance company, resulting in a fair settlement amount for the total damages to my condo (that were caused my neighbor). I am so grateful that the admin of my condo referred me to you. I had no idea a Public Adjuster existed to help homeowners deal with homeowners insurance claims of unfair value for property damage. I will highly recommend Bryan E. Thomas to my family and friends.

    Author image
    • Jessi Sharon
  • Thank you Bryan! I recently filed two claims simultaneously with Bryan’s assistance. He took all the stress and worry out of the process. He recently hand-delivered two checks to me totaling in excess of $120,000. The process took no more than 4 weeks from start to finish. I know for a fact that I could not have managed my claims and received this payout without his support and professional guidance. I’ve already referred Bryan to two of my neighbors. Highly recommended!

    Author image
    • Caroline Jameson
  • We had a water damage in our studio recently. Florida Public Adjuster's team has done a great job to get me even more money than my insurance company initially offered me. Bryan was very responsive and knowledgeable. We strongly recommend him to anyone that has experienced water damage. Amazing service!

    Author image
    • Jason Jackson
  • After the recent fire I have experienced in my condo in Fort Lauderdale, I was a bit lost. The insurance company offered me too little and I didn’t know what to do after until a friend of mine recommended me Bryan. He is truly an expert and largely helped me with getting more money from my insurance company. He is a great communicator and real expert in restoration. He can be of great help to anyone that experienced water or fire damage. Thank you!

    Author image
    • Janet Velkovski
  • Thank you Bryan for providing the best compensation for the water damage of my aunt’s house in Fort Lauderdale. You are a real example of how every dedicated professional should work. You are an expert in this field and I will always highly recommend you to anyone that has similar problems!

    Author image
    • Steven McMachon
  • Today, I learned something extremely useful. I had heard of people hiring public adjusters for insurance claims in the past, but I never really thought much about it. From my uninformed perspective, there wasn’t much of a difference between an independent adjuster (who works for the insurance company) and a Florida public adjuster who works only for the insured [home, condo, and business owners]. Bryan is a Public Adjuster. He will make sure you receive every penny you are owed for a claim and he does not get paid until you have been paid. There was insufficient damage to my home to warrant opening a claim but I did get a glimpse into how Bryan looks at the incident and watches out for his potential clients. Most importantly, I realized that the insured is his client, not the insurance company (which is both a huge distinction and advantage for the policyholder). Whether you have a claim or think you have a claim, please call Bryan, even before contacting the insurance company. He will look it over, give you his honest assessment, and gather every molecule of evidence that might push the advantage into your court. Thank you again Bryan! You did an amazing job.

    Author image
    • Bridget Karras
  • I didn’t know what a Florida Public Adjuster was until I met Bryan. He helped us battle the insurance company and get us all the money we were entitled. We highly recommend you contact Bryan should you have an insurance claim. The insurance company is the enemy and Bryan makes them pay

    Author image
    • Nisha Shao
  • One of the best, if not the best public insurance adjuster in Florida. Saved me after a flood! He knows his job too well and knows how to create people that are in need for good advice and help. Thank you!

    Author image
    • Alex Noble
  • Bryan,It is very nice to know that I can send you someone who has just had a loss and know that you will take good care of them. My daughter was terrified by the insurance company and you handle them for her and made the process easy. I can’t thank you enough for helping her. If you hadn’t help her they were surely going to take advantage of her. They offered her $1,500 for her damage and she just settled for $88,000. You are the pit bull of adjusters and I’m glad that you were able to help.

    Author image
    • Marco Belena

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